Childhood Christmas
As a little girl growing up
my family was very poor you see.
We didn't have money for presents
but we always had a Christmas tree.
One year my friend and I walked
over a mile as my family didn't have a car
to buy a little tree which we carried
back and it was really quite far. 
During the year, for my mom's change
I could be an unrelenting pest 
for her nickels, dimes and pennies 
but the quarters were the best.
Mom would hang cards we received
on the wall strung on a ribbon of green.
We'd play a game of who they were from
and my favorites were the snow scenes.
Before Christmas with all the change I saved
I'd buy little presents for my mom and dad
and for my brother and sister still at home
the biggest candy bars that the store had.  
As I wrapped those simple presents
such feelings of joy overwhelmed me. 
They were bought and wrapped with love  
and placed proudly under the tree.
One year we couldn't afford a tree
so I found a big tumbleweed.
I sprayed it with flocking and
strung it with colored beads.
We may not have had much
But our Christmas was good.
We had turkey with all the trimmings
as there was always plenty of food.
Some of my most memorable holidays
from which I will never part
were the ones in my childhood
when I gave to others from my heart.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton


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