Without You

It will be hard for me without you
Though I know you have to be away.
I feel my world tearing apart
and wonder how I'll get through the days.
I've grown so used to having you near,
Feeling your touch every day.
You make my heart sing 
With your loving, caring ways.

I'll try to keep my thoughts happy 
and remember it's only for a while.
My sadness I'll try to hide
by thinking of you with a smile.

My nights alone won't be easy
But with you in heart - I'll get by.
I'll miss not having you to hold me
When I feel a need to cry.

I'll pray each day for your safety
And try not to shed a tear.
I'll count the days until your return
and try to control my fears.

During the time we are apart
I know you will think of me too.
Remember our times together
and how content I am loving you.

Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton

Midi by Cosmos

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