Where Are You Now
Even though it's been many years
Thoughts of you entered my mind
As I wondered where you are
And if life had treated you kind
Are you all alone or is there someone
Who loves you and holds you tight
Do you cuddle her close to you
During the long hours of the night
Does she see that special spark
When she looks into your eyes
Or when you lightly brush against her
Does she feel the shocks that fly
Are you madly in love with her
Like the way that I loved you
We had something very special
And I know you felt it too
Are you happy and fulfilled
Can you still remember my voice
My heart broke apart that day
When you made your choice
Since the years have passed by
Paradise was never mine
Yet when I touched your hand 
I held it for a few moments in time 
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton

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