Virginal Vision
Breathtaking is the beauty
seen in early morning light
when she innocently lays down
a wonderland of white.
Unblemished mounds are softly
draped with velvety folds
and fluffy pillows placed
for curves of limbs to hold.
A blanket of diamonds lays
beneath sparkling in the sun;
her untouched beauty begging
you to come and have some fun.
You await with desire
to taste it with your lips
and she taunts you from within
to come and feel her nip.
But patience belongs to you
to savor the sight whence it began
not hastening to ruin the beauty
unmarred by mortal man.
For once you place your mark
upon the exquisite beauty
you ravage the virginal vision
and take away the purity.

Poem by Carol Barton
Copyrighted 2003 ~ Carol Barton



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