My Commitment To You
We have no commitment.
We have no ties that bind
But there is a commitment existing
In my heart and in my mind.
So I give myself to you
To have and to hold
For as long as you may desire
With my feelings left untold.
For I could never say to you
The feelings deep inside of me
For fear of losing you
As what I want may never be.
I will cherish my moments with you
And hope they may never end
For if I were to lose you
My heart would never mend.
I will spend my time with you
Enjoying it as long as I can.
I am already yours in my heart
For I can love only one man.
I will treat you with kindness
And tender loving care.
Yet for me to admit my love
I simply would not dare.
I will try to curb my jealousy
But may not always be able to.
When I get jealous and upset
Remember - that's what women do.
I will try not to hold too tight
Giving you time to be free
To enjoy doing those things
That do not include me.
You have become special to me
And I know you feel it too.
From my heart and in my mind
This is my commitment to you.
 Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton

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