To Be Loved
I despise moments when I become soft
Allowing thoughts to enter my mind
Of wanting and desiring things
I learned to squelch through time.
All I ever wanted was to be loved
Yet true love has forsaken me.
I've convinced myself I am happy alone
Until a vulnerable moment creeps up on me.
Oh, to be so blessed to have someone 
In my daily life with things to share
To feel someone's arms around me
To find someone who truly cares.
What I wouldn't give to be loved again.
The feeling is so strong right now.
It is merely a passing phase
I will learn to control again somehow.
I am only human to desire things
That I know others have found
A partner to share my life with
Someone who will always be around.
This is only a vulnerable moment
With strength I can deny.
It's only when they come upon me
They make me break down and cry.
I am strong and will go on
As I have in years gone past.
For I know that love is fleeting
And never anything to last.
Copyright 2006 ~ Carol Barton

Used with permission
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site.

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