Quiet Tears

Soon after we first met 
My inner secrets were given away.
You felt them much too soon 
The words I did not have to say.

The way you held me so close
Was genuine bliss for me.
You were all I ever desired
But fate I did not foresee.
My life was truly shattered
The day you had to leave
And being without you now
Provides me no reprieve.
With daily thoughts of you,
I constantly whisper your name.
My private sorrow will not cease.
My existence is not the same.
Even after all this time
Quiet tears roll down my face
With immeasurable thoughts
Of you that I cannot erase.
Holding you in my arms again
I dream of night and day
Thinking somewhere ... somehow
There has to be a way.
Copyright 2004 ~  Carol Barton

Midi by Cosmos

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