Can't Take It Anymore
Little did I realize
What our future together would bring
As we walked down the aisle
And exchanged our vows and rings.
At first there was so much love,
We were floating on cloud nine
Adjusting to our life together
But it was only a matter of time.
Who thought it would happen
To us many years down the road,
When our beautiful life together
Unraveled and started to unfold.
How happy I was in my role
As your wife and children's mother
Doing everything for my family
Until you spent time with another.
All the fears and doubts
I tried to push out of my mind
But eventually I knew someone else
Was occupying your time.
I tried hard to forgive and forget.
You were my life -  I loved you so.
And I believed you when you said
You wouldn't hurt me anymore.
But as more years passed by
There were others along the way.
You felt you were justified
As you killed a part of me each day.
Oh, how I loved you.
How could you do this to me?
I was your wife, your lover -
All I ever wanted to be.
You say that I've changed
And that's probably true;
But how could I be the same woman
With the pain you put me through?
I can't take this hurt anymore
So maybe we should part our ways
So my hurt down deep inside
Can heal a little each day.
I can't imagine life without you
Because in my heart I still care
But anything would be better
Than the hurt I've had to bear.
I will be lonely my myself
For I couldn't love another man
With these walls of doubt and distrust
And the fear of it happening again.
Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton

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