Stranger in My Home
There is a presence in my home
That haunts me to the core
Though the count remains the same
There is one more than before.
She enters without request
And does not pay the rent
Coming and going against my will
To possess me and torment.
She trespasses through my mind
Invading thoughts that once were mine.
She poaches upon my territory
And her presence will not resign.
Though I have never seen her
She has become a stranger in my home
Casting shadows upon my domain
As the faceless blonde who roams.
She lingers in my bedroom
Contaminating my marriage bed
Taking pleasures I once held
With the partner whom I am wed.
If I only knew how
I would commit a passion's crime
But how do I kill an image
Residing only in my mind?
I need to unearth a way
To bury the ghostly vagabond
With an epitaph that reads
"Here Lies the Faceless Blonde".

Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2003 ~ Carol Barton
Original Composition by Cosmos:
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