To My Special Friend
My very dear friend
you dwell in this heart of mine 
every day - both day and night
filling my world with sunshine.
You fulfill a void in my life
with the special things you do.
You make my life so much more
since the day that I met you.
You are there when I am feeling blue
and I trust  you enough to share
when things are going wrong.
You lift my spirits by showing that you care.
Without question you believe in me
and I can't imagine a day without you.
You make me feel so special 
with the kindly things you do.
If only we could be closer
so face to face we could meet.
We would share hugs of happiness
with tears running down our cheeks.
Our two souls would bond closer
than we have been in the past
as I know that our friendship
is special and forever will last.
We were an instant bond of souls
as if our lives had been amiss.
Now we are so close
and I would be proud to call you sis.
"Friends are the siblings God didn't give us."
Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton
Song:  "You and Me" by Yuko Ohigashi

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