Sisters By Love
Every day you are there for me
Giving me a sense of peace.
You calm me when my turmoil is high
And help my soul to find release.
You constantly fill my hunger
To talk with someone who cares.
You let me speak my mind freely
And what I need, you always seem aware.
You never place judgment on me
You listen softly to my heart.
Always enlightening my spirit
And your love you do impart.
You allow me to be who I am
You share my joy and pain
Without any expectations from me
Your feelings remains the same.
It's the little things you do
That puts such joy in my heart.
You have become such a part of my life
Nothing could ever keep us apart.
Your friendship is so sweet.
Your love I will forever behold.
Your friendship to me is worth
Far more than silver or gold. 
Copyright 2006 ~ Carol Barton
"For My Jeannie"
Graphics by: 
Song by Yuko Ohigashi

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