Today She Cried
Since the day that he departed
It was hard for her to go on. 
Each day brought more new tears
Even though she tried to be so strong.
Today she cried for him 
Hearing the mention of his name
Being reminded of what they had
Knowing her life will never be the same.
It has only been a few months
And she knows it will take time to heal.
She wonders how many more tears she'll cry 
Alone with the heartache she feels.   
Today she cried for him
And the love that they once shared.
She will never forget their years together
Or how much he showed he cared.
Her love for him will never fade
Within her heart he will stay
With all the memories they once shared
Until he left her on that day.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton
For my dear friend, Marian
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