Men Can Cry
I never really understood
Why men can't cry too.
They must feel it's a weakness
And something only women do.
Looking back when I was a young girl
I never saw the men in my family cry.
I never really thought about
Or even questioned why.
I will have to admit a love in my life
Had a tender side to show 
When sentimental cards were given
His tears would start to flow.
I remember one weekend my son
Came home from college for a visit.
I wanted to watch a certain movie
Although I knew he really didn't.  
The movie was called "My Girl"
So he decided to give it a try.
Toward the end of the movie he said,
You didn't tell me it would make me cry.
It was the first time I had seen
My oldest son shed a tear
It was nice to see his softer side
I will always hold that memory dear.
So men, it's really okay to cry.
It takes a real man to show it.
So don't hold back or be afraid
Your women will love you for it. 
 2004 ~ Carol Barton

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