She was a beautiful spunky little girl
With brown hair that sparkled in the sun.
She was just past her tenth birthday
When they went to the carnival to have some fun.
She thought she was old enough
To keep her tickets for the rides by herself.
It made her feel like a grownup
To give her ticket to the ticket master himself.
They stopped at a concession stand
To get something for them to drink
"Mom, meet me at the merry-go-round"
And off she went before her mom could think.
Her mother paid for their drinks 
And hurried to the merry-go-round.
The drinks fell splashing on the ground 
Her daughter was nowhere to be found.
Where she went there wasn't a clue
Not even a lead from the people around.
Her life changed on that dreadful day
With the words "meet me at the merry-go-round".
She has never given up hope
Praying she will return some day.
She wonders what she might look like
As she would be eighteen years old today.
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