Friendship Rainbow

Friends are the color of rainbows
Sent from heaven above
To fill our lives with caring,
Happiness, hugs and love.

Yellow is for the sunshine
As they lift your spirits each day
With warm thoughts and feelings
They send along your way.

Blue is for the cloudy days
When you are feeling gray. 
Somehow they know what you need
And the right things to say. 


Pink is for the laughter and love
You feel when they are around
Sharing ...  talking ...  listening
Or sometimes without a sound.


Lavender is for the serenity
You feel within your heart
From knowing someone cares
Even when you are miles apart.

Friends are presents sent by God.
You never know when they will come along.
So always keep your heart open
So you can hear the friendship song.

Although rainbows have many other
Various shades, colors and hues,
These are the beautiful colors I see
In my friendship rainbow with you.


Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton
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