Now I lay me down to sleep
Dear God, please bless my dog, Pete.
He sometimes makes a mess
But he is my friend - He is the best.
My mom wants him to sleep on the floor.
As soon as she closes the door,
He jumps up on my bed
And beside me he lays his head.
God, please bless my mom and dad
They love me even when I am bad.
I pray for all those children without food.
My mom tells me how I have it so good. 
My friend who lives down the block
Is nice but he stutters when he talks.
He doesn't have many toys at all.
So I gave him my old mitt and baseball.
I asked my mom first if it was alright
And I gave them to him tonight.
She said it was okay so I don't know why 
My asking made her cry.
God, I know you can hear me
My mom says you can even see me.
I'll talk to you again tomorrow night.
And I'll try to always do what's right.
Copyright 2006 ~ Carol Barton

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