While driving home from work today 
I heard a familiar song
"A Lady Down On Love" by Alabama
One which I could never sing along.
It was popular after my divorce
A song with which I could identify
As I needed someone to gently pick me up
And listening to it put tears in my eyes.
I decided that night to call him
After being divorced for many years
Hoping I could say what I was feeling  
Without bursting into tears.
His voice was deep and sexy
As I always remembered it to be.
I told him the song brought back memories 
And I let my feelings run free.
I told him I would never forget him
Or ever forget what he did to me
But I forgave him as I felt he couldn't help it 
And asked him if he ever thought of me?
He said he did every once in a while
Thinking about places we had been.
I asked about things he said after our broken ties.
His answers were reassuring in that he didn't lie.
I told him I could cry sometimes
If I thought of how much I was cheated in life
Of not having someone to grow old with
And I knew that I was a good wife.
He said I was the best mother
And was a very good wife.
For me too many things happened
That forever changed my life.
I asked him if he was truly happy.
He said the happiest he had ever been.
His said his wife was the best
And thanked me for calling again.
I forgive you was hard for me to say
But, I guess my needs he couldn't see.
I'm sorry is really what I needed to hear.
But, it was never meant to be.
2006 ~ Carol Barton
Song composed by David W. Folsom
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