Soul Mates
 He is so lost and alone without her
After being together for so many years.
She meant the world to him
Now he can only cry his silent tears.
They were together for over 35 years.
It's so hard for him to go on alone
She was his soul mate, his wife
The greatest love he had ever known.
Songs bring back memories
Of holding her on the dance floor.
She was a great partner.
And a wife that he truly adored.
He hears the ocean sounds outside
As he sees them walking along the sand
Memories so clear in his mind
As they looked for sea glass holding hands.
If he could use the sky as a scroll
With the sea as an ink well 
There would not be enough room
For all the words his love would tell.
He had their wedding bands melted down
To make one wedding band for him
So they would be together forever
With a love that will never dim.
He runs his fingers over the band
As it makes him feel closer to her.
He doesn't want to go to bed at night
With his arms feeling so empty without her.
Someday they will meet again
Beyond the pearly gate.
Once again he will hold his angel
Until that day he will have to wait. 
God sent him his special angel
Now her time on earth is done.
God didn't need another angel
He took his only one.
2006 ~ Carol Barton
Written with love for Johnny
In memory of his Marie

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