My Brother
Though I can't be there in person
my heart grieves from far away
for my brother who was loved
by everyone who came his way.
We had a poor but happy childhood
and were the best of friends
cavorting with the neighborhood kids
through each year until summer's end.
If anyone needed something done
you were always there to comply
to give, repair, or take somewhere
without asking for reasons why.
Your spirit was so uplifting
and constant from day to day,
teasing and picking at others
in your affectionate, loving way.
Even through years of suffering
to others you never complained
defying laws of medical science
and with hope - your will remained.
More than anyone can imagine
you suffered through the years
while loved ones sat by helpless
and shed their silent tears.
You touched the hearts of many
and were always at your best.
Now you are free from pain
as this day you are put to rest.
Strength, courage, and love
is the legacy you leave
shown to all those around you
before you left us here to grieve.
Though you are gone from this life
you will be remembered and missed
by those who knew and loved you - 
especially your little sis.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton
Royalty Free Photo courtesy of:
I wrote this poem for my brother
and it was read at his funeral.
In Memory of Dean
12-18-44 to 5-17-92
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