A Mother's Love
A mother's love is a precious gift
To be treasured along life's highway
For the wonderful love they give
Will be taken from you someday.
Many times all the things a mother does
Are not realized until we are grown.
Her love is the purest form of all -
To be treasured like a precious stone.
She cooled your fevered brows.
Tucked your covers around you tight
After she sang you softly to sleep
Before she turned out the light.
She has given you comfort
Erased away your hurt and pain
As she gently wiped away your tears
That fell on your face like rain.
A mother's love gives encouragement
When you are feeling down
As she encircles you in her arms 
You can feel her love abound.

A mother's love is always there
To help you down life's road -
Reassuring you - always protecting
Helping to lighten your load.
So let her know how much you love her.
Please do not hesitate.
She won't always be there for you
So tell her before it's too late.
Or you might wake up someday
To find that she is gone
Thinking of what you should have said
And the things you should have done.
Copyrighted 2003 by Carol Barton

Graphics http://www.moonandbackgraphics.com

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