Letter Home
Mama, I turned forty-three today.
If you could see your baby now,
you'd probably say "I told you so".
You were right about some things
and wrong about others but
it was my sixteen year mistake.
It was a hurt even you could not kiss away.
I just hope my offspring will carry more of me.
I miss the cards you always sent.
You were the only one who always remembered.
I learned that you once wrote poetry.
Sad, no one knows where they are now or perhaps
I could have touched the woman in you I never knew.
I know contentedness was never yours,
living your life through your children
but Mom, Daddy really did love you.
I hope you realized that. 
But I'm smarter than you, Mama.
I know you can't derive happiness from others.
You can only hold close the ones you love
until they leave - they always do.
I've learned nothing is forever.
Funny, while I was growing up,
I feared you and feared being like you
and now that we might be friends
and I am free to roam -
there's no place to come home to
because you are gone.
Copyright 2003 - Carol Barton
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