I Hugged a Stranger Today
I hugged a stranger today.
Rene was her beautiful name.
After hearing her sad story
My life will never be the same.
She was sitting in a wheelchair
Waiting at the center for a test.
She was not able to walk with three children
And was holding a baby to her chest.
She was only twenty-two
Too young to be in this place.
Multiple sclerosis was suspected
And I never will forget her beautiful face.
I walked slowly to my car
With tears streaming down my face
As I prayed for God to heal her
With his amazing grace.
The pain and heartache I felt for her
Mere words can not convey.
My eyes were blinded by my tears
As I prayed all the way home that day.
Today I hugged a stranger
Although I will never know her plight
I say a daily prayer for her each day
Before I turn out the light.
"Through God all things are possible"
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton
It was on 11-14-05 when I met Rene at an imaging center.
I didn't get her last name and I have no way to find her. 
I called the church her husband said they attended
but they didn't know anybody by their first names. 
I can only pray for God to heal her. 
Every mother needs to be able to hold her children.
Every child needs their mother.
Music by Rene' Ramos

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