Childhood Friend
Skipper, Teddy and Bo-Bo are names that I recall
But I was to young to remember Skipper much at all.
Skipper had to die because he was too old.
My brother had to shoot him or so I was told.
Then there came big Teddy who was so special indeed
And everyone loved him as he filled their needs.
How he loved children and sometimes he would stray
Making rounds to school grounds for recess to play.
Every week day morning when the cuckoo clock struck ten
He would ask to go out to make rounds with his friends.
He visited all the schools so the dog catcher did say
But he came to my school at ten o'clock everyday.
Teddy caused such a ruckus without meaning to.
He loved all the kids and they loved him too.
The catcher would chase him all the way home
And tell my mom the dog just could not roam.
One day the catcher said he'd kill Teddy someday
But Teddy understood what the dog catcher did say
And without a second thought he tore through the screen
Grabbing that dog catcher right in his seam.
Teddy ran back in the house without even a glance
And the catcher was livid with that tear in his pants.
Guess Teddy got even for when the catcher shot his ear
By taking that gentle bite out of the back of his rear.
The catcher never caught him - Teddy died in his sleep.
My Mom told me that morning and for days I did weep.
Teddy was the best - So very special to me.
And I loved him so much - he was my dog, you see.
Then there came little Bo-Bo as dumb as a dog could be.
How he even knew his name I never really could see.
His pulling us on skates didn't take many brains
Or running every time someone called his name.
My brother and I would get at opposite ends of the block
And take turns calling him until one time he couldn't walk.
My mom was so mad.   We thought Bo-Bo was dead
And my mom gave us looks that could've melt lead.
The one day little Bo-Bo just up and disappeared.
We probably were to blame though a smart thing he did.
For there never would be another Teddy again.
For he was the best - my very best friend.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton
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