My Hometown
Growing up in a small town on the Colorado plains
there wasn't much to do but the kids didn't complain.
There was only one theater and a free swimming pool
so on hot summer days we were able to stay cool.
With the only skating rink ten miles away,
we'd load up the car and be on our way.
We didn't have a McDonald's or even a Burger King
so we grew up without burgers, fries or rings.
Deprived? Not at all! That wasn't the case.
The neighborhood kids grouped at our home base.
We sat on the porch counting cars driving by
with hide-n-go-seek and other games to rely.
When snow drifts were deep, we were glad to comply
with a snow holiday when buses couldn't get by.
We made angels in the snow and many snowmen.
We built snow forts and then try to defend.
We explored deeply snowed country like lone pioneers,
tied ropes to our waist and set off with a cheer.
Our big dog, Teddy was always the lead
then out to the country we would then proceed.
Friendships that developed will last a lifetime.
We visit when home and send cards Christmas time.
We didn't have pressures.   We were young and carefree
and grew up without drugs, alcohol or today's MTV.
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton
Song:  "Dancing Raindrops" by Mary Hession 
Used with written permission

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