Oh, grandbabies are so precious
And ever so delightful and sweet
Giving their grandmothers
A special loving treat.
I became a grandmother at 56
Which is older than most
But I kept up with him
Although I do not want to boast.
He had just started walking
At the tender age of one
When he came to visit me
For a few hours of fun.
My babies were not this fast!
What are they putting in their food?
I picked him up, hugged and kissed him
Every chance he slowed so I could. 
The next day my body hurt.
I couldn't understand what I had done.
This grandma really had a workout
In a day with a child of one.
Guess I need to start myself a program
Crawling, stooping, bending a little each day
Like I were lifting my bundle of love
So my muscles won't hurt the next day.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton

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