Glimmering Dreams
Time with you from the first
Glittered like the sea
And became a glowing flame
Within the deepest part of me.
My life had radiant hopes
To you my heart belonged
With happy rhymes and laughter
And playing gentle songs.
With a sudden twist of fate
My dream took wings of flight
Leaving one heart to stand alone
To brave the darkness of the night.
I spend my days with a heavy heart
Always waiting for tomorrow
Believing that my faith and love
Will end this lonely sorrow.
For the twisting hands of fate
That altered my life's schemes
Could change the darkness to light
And bring about my dreams.
Holding you close within my heart
I await for each new dawn
Being unsure of what is to come
But with hopes true love will spawn.
Copyright 2004 ~  Carol Barton

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