They were two beautiful boys
Just a couple of years apart.
They filled my life with such joy.
I gave them all the love in my heart.
As they grew a little older
They had to learn to share
Playing with each other's toys
But they didn't think it fair.
Oh, how they liked to wrestle
Each other in the living room
I enjoyed their closeness 
As it would all end too soon.
The older one really knew 
How to irritate the younger one
Then tattling about his cursing
To get him grounded from having fun.
On a college weekend visit
The older one told me he felt bad
For the way he treated his brother
Which really was quite sad. 
I said he needed to tell these things
To his little brother to make amends.
He said his brother knew he loved him
And they are now best of friends.
When I am gone from this earth
I'm so glad they will have each other
As they will be the only ones left
to carry the love of their mother.  
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton