Four Seasons of Loving
Four seasons have passed since you came my way. 
At first I was hardly aware of the cold, wintry days.
With the awakening of spring as the browns turned to green
I began to come alive in discovering new things.

The hot, sticky summer I thought would never end 
As you had another with which time to spend.
In the coolness of autumn with the falling of leaves, 
And our constant togetherness I began to believe.

Now the first season has come 'round again 
As I am all alone with my time to spend.
For the holiday season with decorations of gold, 
Makes me cry 
as you put me on hold.

You say you'll only be gone from me for awhile. 
This time for me it's too hard to smile.
In my heart I know to me you will return. 
How much more will I endure before I learn.

You can't begin to understand what it does to me. 
For in my heart I know this won't be the last.
It tears my heart apart and won't let me be.
As you'll put me on hold just like in the past.

This time I feel as if my dream can't come true, 
For it's hard to dream when I'm feeling so blue.
Am I a part of your life for only a time?  
Are your actions with me all just a line?

I need reassurance you won't hurt me anymore. 
You feel you can walk in and out my door.
If I could learn to put my love on hold
I'd make my heart stop yearning and say never more.
Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton
Song: "Hurt So Bad" by Yuko Ohigashi


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