From the first day that we met
My life began to change
I became a happier person
Looking forward to each new day.
I've been told I'm nothing special
So what could you possibly see in me?
I only know that being with you
Is the only place I care to be.
My feelings are becoming stronger
With each new passing day.
My mind tells me to run
And my heart tells me to stay.
I try to hide my feelings
Yet I think you already know.
For my feelings deep inside
Can't help but surely show.
To be hurt again would destroy
The person I have learned to be.
I'm afraid to love again
As I fear some day you'll leave.
My feelings are too strong to deny
And I care too much to leave
So when the time comes someday
I beg you to be easy on me.
I thought I would never love again
Because of hurt endured in my past.
For now, I will enjoy every moment
with you for as long as it will last.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2003 - Carol Barton

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