Whisper of Fate 
You're the one for me
Fate whispered in my ear
I plead our romance to endure
Throughout the coming year.
Those moments we are united
Are a dance of love so real
Yet words cannot begin to say
In my heart just how I feel.
If there's a chance some day
For us to be together
We need to hold on tight
To what we have forever.
Love is for the brave
Love is for the strong and true
Do not let it pass you by 
Whenever it comes to you.
It only happens along in life
Maybe once or twice
It can vanish in a moment
Fading in the night.
Love should be nurtured
And cherished in your heart
For in a twinkling of an eye
The moment can depart.
No matter what the cost
My heart tells me this is right
For when love is conquered
It is well worth the price.
When all else has gone astray
But your love is finally won
For when true love comes
There is but only one.
 Poem by Carol Barton 1991
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton
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