Love's Demise
Her love for him began in innocence
And ended with embittered scorn.
She gave all she had for two years
Blinded from the signs to forewarn.
He was her unrivaled third love
And like a burglar with a key
He quickly unlocked her door 
Baring her secrets for all to see.
For two years in complete surrender
She lived just to hear him speak.
His mere presence would take her
Unbridled passion to the highest peaks.
Electrical charges coursed through her
When their eyes caught in a gaze
And the mere whisper of his touch
Ignited her skin to a fiery blaze.
She believed she had reached a pinnacle
In her life that once had been denied
And when he left her on that day
So much of her died inside.
For a whole year she waited
With heart still bound and tied.
He did come back to marry another
And then she knew he had lied.
She tried so hard to forget him
When a year later he called on the phone.
There was no mention of his marriage
As he obviously didn't want it known.
He said they had something special
And could easily have it again.
She told him she knew he was married
Asking how much of it had all been pretend.
He said she had become an embittered soul
When she had once been beautiful inside.
She knew she hadn't changed at all
So when she hung up the phone, she cried.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton
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