You're Not My Daddy
He was a beautiful little boy
with blonde hair and only two
and imitating his daddy
is what he really liked to do.
Wearing his daddy's eyeglass frames
with the old lens taken out
and his daddy's old watch
he would ride his ATV about.
Time to go to work, he'd say.
Looking at his watch to check the time.
He'd ride around the house a while
I'm home from work would be his next line.
One day his daddy came home
without the mustache he always wore.
The little boy was shocked and said,
You're not my daddy anymore.
Yes, I am your daddy, his father said.
For no one can take my place.
I shaved my mustache off this morning.
Tears started down the child's face.
Where did you put it?  the little boy asked.
His daddy said, it washed down the drain.
Put it back on your face, the little boy said.
so you can be my daddy again.
His daddy promised to grow it back
and said it would take him a little while.
The little boy said, That's alright, daddy.
as he hugged him and smiled.
Thank you for all the beautiful memories.
I will cherish them forever.
You were .... and always will be 
one of my rainbows in life.
Love, Mom
Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton
Graphics by:
Midi:  "Memories" by Margi Harrell
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