Answer to a Child's Prayer

T'was the night before Christmas and Billy was sad
for there was no reason to be happy or glad.
His parents had died leaving him all alone
and nobody wanted a boy who was grown.

There were no stockings on the mantle this year
or any hopes that Santa would ever come here.
There were lots of other children just like him.
They had food and clothes but money was thin.

This Christmas Eve there came such a joy
and the parlor became crowded with eager young boys.
Townspeople had arrived and when it came time to leave
every child had a present on this Christmas Eve.

A pretty woman Billy had seen a few times before
gave him a present and knelt beside him on the floor.
She said she would like him to come live with her.
It would be his choice to stay if he should consider.

She told him, I had a little boy a lot like you
but he's with God now and I'm lonely too.
She told him of the home where he would  live
and all the nice things that soon could be his.

She asked if he would like to visit for awhile?
Billy's face lit up and he started to smile.
It's all been arranged and we can leave tonight.
His dream had come true and it would be alright.

Billy had prayed someday he would have a home
and have a family he could call his own.
His life was truly blessed on this Christmas night
as he took the woman's hand and held on tight.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton

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