A Chance at Life 
The young trucker pulled his big rig into the yard
At Ft. Stockton, Texas to unload his grain.
It was a small town in the middle of nowhere
With nothing but sagebrush and desolate terrain.
He saw a little black puppy in the yard
And it was 'round about high noon. 
The owner said if you want a driving buddy take him
cuz I'm goin' shoot 'im in the head real soon. 
Some men were calling the dog and when he came
They threw rocks at him to scare him away.
The trucker went up to the puppy and he cowered.
Oh, he knew the little guy was an abused stray.
He had a dog at home and didn't need another one
He was afraid the puppy could be sick with fleas and ticks
Yet he couldn't leave him to suffer a horrible death
The thought of it nearly made him sick.  
He decided the least he could do was take him back
to the animal shelter in the town where he was from
In hopes that he would have a good chance at life 
With a new home and loving care from someone.
He picked him up and said, "Come on little buddy"
He put him in the cab and patted him on the head.
The dog wimpered a bit and he gave him some beef jerky.
He was probably hungry and they had a long road ahead. 
They traveled from Ft. Stockton to Carlsbad, New Mexico
some 400 miles in 7 hours back to his Texas home town.
Little Buddy went behind the seat and laid on his flannel shirt 
And throughout the long drive he didn't make a sound.
The trucker made it to the yard where he parked his rig.
He let Buddy out and he gobbled down a dead bird. 
He put him in his pickup and when he got out to lock the gate
Buddy began barking - the first sound the trucker heard.
He stopped by the house to get some water and food
And drove to the pound for an after hours drop support.
He opened one of the cages and spread out his flannel 
Buddy seemed to like it and it might give him comfort.
He placed the water bowl and some treats inside.
With Buddy now in the cage his paws held tight to the rim
The trucker pushed his paws gently back in
Telling him he hated to do this but it was the best for him.
He closed the door of the cage with an automatic lock. 
Buddy started barking and running around in fear
He'd go back to the window to look at the young man.
Oh, this was becoming much harder as the trucker felt a tear.
If he could have - he would have opened that door
And without a second thought taken him out.
He was probably the only kindness Buddy had received.
He got in his pickup and drove away with a heavy heart.
Oh, he knew he had done the right thing.  
Buddy had certainly turned his heart around.
He probably would have made a good driving buddy
As for 400 miles Buddy never made a sound. 
The trucker went to the pound on Saturday morn
Buddy was curled up in ball oblivious to all around him
He said, "Come here Buddy" and Buddy raised his head
Walked toward him acting as if he remembered him.
He returned again the next Thursday  
Buddy was happy to see him and did respond.
On Saturday he got back before they closed
He walked through many times but Buddy was not to be found.
On his first visit he put his name on the Buddy's card
With numbers to be called if he was to be put down.
He was both happy and sad that Buddy was gone
Hoping a loving home Buddy had found.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2005 ~ Carol Barton
If you don't want me, please don't throw me out like garbage
scared and all alone to fend for myself and put my life in danger.
I need to to be loved - I need to be cared for. 
Please, take me to an animal shelter and
give me a chance at life and a home with love.
Remember to spay and neuter your animals.
The young trucker was my son who cared enough
to save the life of his little "Buddy".

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