Can't Stop Myself

As I watched you sitting alone
somehow you looked out of place
in surroundings unfamiliar to you
from the look upon your face.
You seemed lonely, shy and unsure
so I decided to take a chance.
So I walked over to you 
and asked if you would like to dance.
We danced around the floor
until the song came to an end.
I liked your boyish, happy smile.
Time with you was a pleasure to spend.
We enjoyed each other's company
and already you seemed special to me.
Throughout the night we talked
and danced until it was time to leave.
For some reason I let my defenses down.
I was relaxed as I could be.
I didn't expect to see you again
for what could you possibly see in me.
Now I could spend every moment
with you as our time goes by so fast.
You have awakened a part in me 
I believed was dead in the past.
I'm afraid to be involved with you
as I've been hurt deeply before
but now I can't seem to stop myself
and only seem to want you more.
All these feelings emerging inside
I thought I could live without.
My emotions are going in circles
causing me confusion and doubt.
I only know that I feel so happy
when I spend time with you.
Maybe I can get over these fears
and learn to start anew.
When my emotions quit fighting
and I learn to let myself be
maybe then I will know what I feel
but something really frightens me.
Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton
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