Dedicated to Midget

No one knew what he had been through.
but, his life would be taken in a few days.
When a couple stopped by to look at him
and they saw his darling little face. 

Little by little, he learned to trust 
after they took him home.
His life was filled with companionship
and he was free to roam.
No matter how hard he tried at times
his bad memories would come back 
when he felt uncertainty and fear  
he would bite others and attack.
To love the meanness out of him
for three short years they tried.
With much understanding and patience, 
they continued to love 'till they cried. 
After biting his master and others 
inside their hearts were broken. 
Oh, they knew he would have to go. 
yet the words remained unspoken.
Giving him away was not an option
to be beaten, thrown, or left all alone,
or experience worse treatment than before 
 so they chose to send him home. 
On the scheduled day, he was comforted
by the man's calmness, love, and his voice. 
The man felt the Lord's presence in the room
and he knew they had made the right choice. 
Until they could be together again
the man's love was forever his to keep
as the man held him in his arms 
and he peacefully drifted off to sleep. 
Oh, he was a very good boy that day 
when he went to a better place 
where no more past wrongs
he would ever again have to face.
The man was honored to be his favorite
-  feeling comfort and at peace
to have given him the love
he deserved and a happy life of ease.

The man went home to comfort his pregnant wife
and their other dog who seemed confused.
Midget had bitten a child 
when his life he was about to lose.
Their hearts are heavy with sadness.
On a new beginning they will soon embark
with a new life, their first baby,
time will heal their grieving hearts.

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Poem by Carol Barton Copyright 2004 - Carol Barton