First Love
The most unforgettable love
is always the first.
It catches you unaware and leaves 
you with an unquenchable thirst.  
My first love was no different
when my eyes first saw his face
after running an errand
which put our paths in place.
We were young and in love
and we always believed
we would be together again
when he came home on leave.
Oh, how I lived for weekly letters
from my Marine across the sea.
Then one day I received a letter
from him marked "postage free".
Fear gripped me inside
as I knew he was in Vietnam
which placed him in harms way
in a dangerous fighting land. 
Only three months before
the day we were to be wed
his plane crashed into a mountainside
with all aboard declared dead.
My life went on and I loved again
and though it has been years
I still think of him at times
and shed my silent tears.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyrighted 2002 ~ Carol Barton
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