Dedicated to my brother Dean
(12-18-44 to 5-17-92)
Written for his wife Diana
My Gift in Life
No words can truly describe
the suffering you've had to bear
existing from day to day
in a life that isn't fair.
Not wanting to be a burden,
you seldom ever complain
yet your need to rely on me
continues daily to remain.
You depend on a machine
to maintain you in this life
and your continual courage
makes me proud to be your wife.
While I earn a daily living
you do what little things you can;
Apologizing on those days
when you're too weak to stand.
Though I've never thought of leaving,
my life has certainly been changed
yet I would do it all again
when I see how much I've gained.
Observing through the years
all that you've been through
I'm proud to stand beside you
since the day we said "I do".
For I've become a better person
having loved someone like you
and I pray to God each day
for courage to see us through.
My treasured gift in this life
is who you are inside
for I've learned from your courage
and remaining by your side.
Truly, there is a special place for you
somewhere in the great beyond
for all the years of suffering
in which you did not despond.
This is a tribute to you, my dear,
filled with deep emotions.
 For the person that you are,
you have my eternal love and devotion.

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