After the Love Has Gone
Nothing is more sad than
all those wasted years
when two unmatched people
stay together and persevere.
With nothing in common
after their initial lust
it is too late for commitment
so they surrender and adjust.
She was outgoing and friendly.
He constantly intimidated
stifling who she once was
until her self was annihilated.
He didn't desire to communicate
or hear her daily chatter
about things meaningful to her
because to him it didn't matter.
How she longed to be touched
to feel his arms around her.
He would only touch her
when she initiated a sexual encounter.
Working variable hours,
he found many times to stray
while home with the children
alone each night she stayed.
After years of loneliness
and no way to restore
she craves to find herself
so she sadly closes the door.
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Copyright 2003 - Carol Barton