In memory of Connor Reed Weikert
November 26, 1992 - November 27, 1992

One Day .. in a .. Lifetime

Her love for him began
long before she knew
beginning with a special bond
from deep inside her womb.
He came into this world
without the basics to survive.
They were powerless to save
him from his early dawn in life.
They gave him only hours
nothing could be done.
She pleaded for the release
to hold close her tiny son.
Precious was her time
to look into his eyes,
to hold him, to touch him,
to hear his feeble cry.
His hours spawned a day
only moments in flight;
then in her arms he was gone
like a whisper in the night.
Messages were imprinted
with four tiny hands.
One set was faded for the one
who could not withstand.
She changed both their names
giving half of one to the other
to carry through his life
a part of his twin brother.
Her heart will always weep
for the one who could not stay
who deeply touched her life
in his lifetime of a day.

Copyright 2003 by Carol Barton

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