Crying in the Wind

The peaceful sound of the blowing wind
used to lull me to sleep with ease
until I listened to it alone one night
and it made me want to weep.

My children were spending the night
away and I was home all alone
when early morning a storm came up
with a wind that wailed and moaned.

Lightning blazed across the sky
in a bright relentless display;
the thunder vibrated the walls
and made my insides shake.

The wind had a steady whimpering sound
that could not be drowned by the rain.
The tone was eerie and lonely
resembling someone in pain.

Like the cry of a small child
awakening from sleep in alarm;
scared, frightened and all alone
and needing his mother's arms.

Or the cry of someone far away
filled with loneliness and pain
perhaps from the loss of a loved one
and their tears were the falling rain.

Why was the wind so different tonight
and its wailing bothering me so?
The crying in the wind was coming from within
as my own fear of being alone.

Copyrighted 2003 by Carol Barton

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