Goodbye, my love 
To our years as man and wife
I will be lonely without you
But somehow I will survive.
Goodbye, my love
To the raising of our boys
Their early memories I give to you
Full of laughter, happiness and joy.
Goodbye, my love 
To the home which we once shared
Now there are only memories
Of a time when we both cared.
Goodbye, my love 
To your not being faithful and true
No longer will I wonder
Where you are or what you do.
Goodbye, my love
To your ever strength to lean on
It won't be easy for me
But somehow I'll face the dawn.
You were my entire world.
You were the only love for me.
Now I must go on alone
With my strength and dignity.
I placed you above all others.
How could you treat me this way?
Life has become more than I can bear.
There is nothing more to say.
With the grace of a woman
I will build my life on today,
For I have no future tomorrows
But I know I will find my way.
I held on for many years
Until there was nothing to hold.
For I cannot have what is not mine
So you're free to go on alone.
Written 1987 by Carol Barton
Copyright 2003 ~ Carol Barton

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