Second to Fly

Time is fast approaching
when I'll have to say goodbye
to my second and last born son
as he leaves the nest to fly.

After nurturing him from birth
day and night on call to his keep
now he will journey far away
leaving my soul to weep.

I'll miss his morning grumpies
carried over from early years
when he yells back an answer
before his head's had time to clear.

I always knew when he was near
with his popping knee to hear,
I heard it the other day
and he wasn't even there.

I'll miss our singing together especially
"It's so hard to say goodbye";
someday we'll sing it again
when tears won't cloud my eyes.

He always felt he had to walk
along his brother's turf,
maybe someday he will realize
he's a star in his own universe.

To a man I watched him grow
through our last years alone;
observing his first fall in love
and some actions I didn't condone.

To those in need he freely gave
never asking anything in return;
holding a compassion for others
few ever possess or learn.

Though he's a man of few words,
inside lies a sensitive man
who keeps emotions hidden
unless required to take a stand.

My evenings will be lonely
in my once full - now empty home.
I will worry about his welfare
as I rest there all alone.

I will wait with open arms
to clasp him to my breast
as I endeavor to find new ways
to cope with new unrest.

I've mothered him for years
and I know I can be strong.
I will wistfully wait for one
whom I will always belong.

He will experience many loves
as he travels across the miles
but there is no greater love
than a mother's love of child.

~ 2003 ~ Carol Barton ~


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