From the Nest

In my role as a single mother,
I fear losing my beloved firstborn
as he endeavors down life's path
his nurturing from me outgrown.

He'll seek knowledge from another source
with qualities instilled from the first;
of discipline, love and kindness
as I quenched his hunger and thirst.

I fear not being able to hear his voice
- his residual "ni-nite" from toddler years;
his coming home from a late night out
and waking me with "hi mom, I'm here".

Nothing will keep me from thinking
of his going to sleep without me near;
away from my touch, away from my arms,
alone in another life's sphere.

Is it worth the price of freedom,
will I tremble myself to sleep
from missing my son so far away -
away from my love and keep?

I will lose a part of me -
a rainbow of light since his birth
with his exuberant personality,
his singing, laughter and mirth.

I feel desperate to lose one who matters
yet still I must live out each day
with moments stretching into hours
with my love many sunsets away.

But how do I relinquish the need
to protect one of my brood
from the bond so strong and deep
as the joy and challenge of motherhood.

Copyrighted 2003 by Carol Barton

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