As passengers on the same train
unknown to one another,
we arrive at the same stop.
We bare our souls to each other
and  relate ill-fated turns along the way
on a quest for the same things left unfulfilled.
Is this God's cruel joke to put us together
after all these wasted years?
Perhaps we can bridge our generation gap
with love and what time we might have left.
I know not what is passing between us
or to what stage it might progress.
At this moment, I feel only with all that I am
and not by what lies ahead.
Not until now have I found such contentment.
I would choose not to love you
and take the easy route as
life has taught me how to evade anxiety. 
It would be easy for me to love you.
I simply prefer to seek something
more stable that I can trust.
I have learned to become a lover of myself,
perhaps selfish, but without self-pity.
I seem to have become better
at some things in an unknown way
since our crossing
although I cannot say why.
They say all journeys end
but perhaps this is the beginning
of our journey together.
Copyright 2002 - Carol Barton
Midi:  A Morn in a Virgin Nature
Original by JMC *Jalal's Musical Compositions*

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