Lost Love

The crystal mountain stream
 flowed frivolously downhill
gurgling over the boulders
in the way - its destiny to fulfill.
Emerald carpet along the bank.
an early present from spring,
enhanced resplendent shades
in myriads of clusters and rings.
Oh, such tranquil beauty!
Nothing to equal or surpass
wrapped in the arms of my love
lying on the cool, plush grass.
My rapture was suddenly broken.
I awakened with the memory kept
of the place where I once saw you,
in dreams while I had slept.
Desperately, I reached out for you
grasping at the fading dream.
Remembering, I cannot lose you
hearing my own voice scream.
I felt the hot tears come
 which make my eyelids swell,
hurting me more to hold them back
when behind my eyes they dwell.
My blind eyes sought repose
to return to the rapture of my sleep
yet the useless tears cried on
to a whimper and outright weep.
My love, I cannot forget.
My betroth, my life's breath!
Now you lie cold in the ground
a casualty of war and death.
Oh, do not weep these tears,
salty like the sea's spray.
For weepers become brides of the sea
In a drowning sort of way.

Copyright 2003 - Carol Barton
Song "Lost Love" by Yuko Ohigashi
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