Dreams take me back
to another place and time
to a time when I was younger
full of life and in my prime.
If only I could dream now
as I did back then
without any doubts and fears
willing to take a chance again.
But this is reality my friend
where life can be cruel
like a lion stalking his prey
in a jungle without any rules.
You feel his ever presence
you look but cannot see.
You know you're going down
but when you can't foresee.
If only I could dream
with security and hope again
I'd be willing to take a chance
without a second thought my friend.
But instead I dream with caution,
uncertainty and fear
not knowing what my future holds
afraid the lion will still be near.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2002 ~ Carol Barton
Artwork by Josephine Wall
Original Composition by Cosmos

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