Dream Lover
In another time another place
Perhaps we existed before
And are now sensing the same feeling
As we reunite for the final encore.
In dreams I've reached to touch you,
Yet your face remained a blur
As my elusive faceless lover
Left me satisfied and astir.
For I have loved you for so long
In years of blissful dreams,
Now you and he have become as one
As I contemplate what it means.
Now another time, another place
At least we've finally met.
You have become my secret romancer
In a dream I will never forget.
In secrecy I have uttered
If his identity was ever bestowed
I'd hold fast to him forever
Never wanting to let him go.
The answers continue to escape me
Perhaps it's only life's fate
Allowing us another chance
To behold what we may create.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2002 ~ Carol Barton

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