Dedicated to Buster
They found him at the no-kill shelter 
A cute gray Schnauzer mix.
Though many other doggies were there
His personality chose them quick.
There was nothing that he feared.
He was a feisty little guy.
He became their baby in the home
And on their love he did rely.
When his owner came home
Patted his chest with his hands,
Buster would run and leap so high
Into his arms he would land.
Whenever anyone was eating  
Like a little chipmunk he would sit.  
If you ignored him - he'd make a noise 
To tell you he wanted a little bit.
One Saturday morning they noticed
Something was wrong with his skin
As it had turned a purplish color
So they called the vet and took him in.
A few days later, Buster was not responding.
He wouldn't eat or drink from their hand. 
He had IV's of antibiotics and steroids.
His owner said do everything you can.
The vet didn't know what was wrong.
He ran many tests that might tell.
Buster's little body developed lesions
As his joints started to swell.
He developed a condition in his heart.
His owners stopped by twice a day
To love him, touch him, feed him
Each time they had to walk away.
Now they couldn't take him home at night
As the IV's were keeping him alive.
They would not think of leaving him
Even though Christmas was nigh.
One week later on a Saturday afternoon
From the vet's office they received a call.
They knew something was wrong.
There was nothing more they could do at all.
He fought hard to stay with his loved ones
But, he was not theirs to keep.
He was suffering .... all hope was gone
So they had to put him to sleep.
Their hearts were torn apart
After having him for almost nine years
There would never be another
As they shed their heartfelt tears.
Poem by Carol Barton
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton
Buster will truly be missed by many who loved him.
You see ........ he was my grandpuppy.
The vet asked to do an autopsy but found no definite answer to the cause.
It showed the vasculitis all over his skin was also effecting his internal organs.