Always My Baby
You are quickly growing wings and 
soon they will fly you away from me.  
My heart grows sad from the thought 
of losing another part of me.
I remember when I picked you up 
at the nursery when you were a little boy 
you would throw your arms around me 
in a reunion filled with such joy.
One day when I picked you up,
 your new shoes could not to be found. 
You told me your friend threw them up 
in the air and they didn't come down.
You said they just "dustappeared" 
You couldn't find them by yourself. 
So we called your friend's dad and
 the shoes were found on a high shelf.
No matter how many years pass
Our hearts will be forever entwined.
Nothing can dim the love in my heart
And you will always be mine.
Remember, you will always be my "BABY" 
no matter how far away you may fly  
and I will be here waiting for my reunion
 with my arms held open wide.
All the precious memories of you
will never be forgotten.
My heart will hold them forever. 
You will always be one of my rainbows in life.
Love, Mom
Copyright 2004 ~ Carol Barton

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